We are a berry farm located in Kesälahti, Finland. We grow strawberries and raspberries on 30 hectars area.

We would need workers for the summer, for works like weeding, variety of nursing works on the field, berry picking etc. If you are hard-working, motivated, spontaneous, you like physical work and like to work outside, we have work for you.

We would need workers during the spring, and during the berry harvest we would need more workers for berry picking. The start of the picking work (date) is dependant according how the spring and beginning of the summer progresses.

We follow the “maaseutuelinkeinojen TES” for the hiring/salary. Picking work is mainly piecework pay.

There is a possibility for accommodation at the farm area.

If you are interested, send a free form into our email rekry@astikkalanmarjatila.fi

Astikkalan Marjatila Oy

Astikkalantie 8, 59800 Kesälahti